• Sunday Services Drive-in worship service
    Sundays at 11am

Welcome to Mt. Pleasant Bible Church 
A place where love and fellowship meet Biblical truth and obedience to our Lord.

Worship Services:

  • Drive-in worship service Sundays at 11 AM.
    • Drive-in
    • Park anywhere in the church field
    • Stay in your vehicle
    • Tune in to FM 104.7

Who We Are:
  • We're independent: That means we are not part of any denomination or religious association of churches.  The membership, under the guidance of the Bible and the Holy Spirit of God, decide what we are and what we believe. 
  • We're friendly: One of the touchstones of our church is caring and sharing with one another.  We have frequent times to get to know one another and we're there to help one another when problems arise. 
  • We're Bible believers: That means we accept the Bible as God's message to us.  We don't believe that we need to add any particular traditions or spin on the Bible to find the truth.
  • We're a worshipful church: We believe that the experience of knowing God and walking with Him produces a definite and powerful effect on our lives.  We love to sing and praise the Lord, and we believe that is good for us! 
  • We're an active church:  Worship and work are not left to a select few leaders, but are in the hands of those who are willing to be used by the Lord.  We are happy to hear from volunteers, and interested in new ideas of how to reach out to our church family and our community with Christ's love. 
  • We're a grace church, not a works church:  That means we believe God's forgiveness is available to anyone who will turn from sin to Him and accept Jesus' sacrifice on the cross personally.  We don't say you have to do certain things or give certain amounts in order to win God's approval or ours. 
  • We're a community church:  We've been a part of this community since it's beginning.  For 135 years we've been proclaiming Christ and serving the community right here.  And we're also a place where people can find community.  

 The Message:

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