Future Building

  Future Building  

Come Grow with Us!

Mt. Pleasant Bible Church has been serving Christ and His people for over 135 years on the corner of Lambs Rd. and Emerson Rd. in Wales Township, and we're excited to continue that legacy of ministry with the Lord's help.


With the purchase in 2008 of 2.9 acres of land adjacent to the existing church property and God's continued blessings of stability and provision, Mt. Pleasant is once again in a position to take a significant step in improving our facility in order to continue that legacy of ministry for another 135 years.


This time we are looking to improve the accessibility of our facility by providing in-door, barrier-free access to the sanctuary and restrooms (Phase 1) and larger and barrier-free fellowship hall and sanctuary (Phase 2).  We have developed a master plan of how to reach these goals which has been approved by the Township Planning Commission.

Our plan involves two phases.


Phase 1:  Modest addition and remodel to the north side of the existing church building.

This Phase 1 addition/remodel will include:

  • A new entryway with a covered awning for drop offs from the parking lot
  • A new foyer and gathering space; a new office
  • An in-door, ADA compliant ramp from the ground level to the sanctuary from the main entrance
  • A wider, less steep stairway from the ground level to the sanctuary
  • A new, accessible, single-use, family style bathroom adjacent to the foyer and sanctuary for easy access
  • A wider door way into the sanctuary
  • A wider, less steep stairway from the ground level to the basement.

The existing church structure will be extended 20 ft. to the north into the parking lot area to accommodate the new entryway, office, and in-door ramp.  Also the north entrance will be relocated from facing west (toward the road) to north (toward the parking lot).  The current north entryway, stairway, and church office will be remodeled to accommodate the new bathroom, foyer, and wider entryway into the sanctuary.


This modest addition/remodel both addresses our pressing need for better accessibility to the sanctuary and bathroom facilities and strategically positions our facility for future use.  We anticipate being able to complete this phase quickly and without incurring debt.

Phase 2: New, ground-level structure capable of seating 150-175 to be used as a new sanctuary, fellowship hall, or both. 
This significant addition, though only roughly outlined thus far in the master plan, will address the need for a larger sanctuary and a larger, accessible fellowship space.    This new space will be fully barrier-free and accessible to and from the existing church building.


What can you do?

  • Pray that the Lord will continue to open doors to move toward this future expansion.  Only with the help of our Lord can these goals be realized (Psalm 127:1).
  • Volunteer to help with current or future projects.
  • Make a one-time tax-deductible gift toward the building fund.  Donations can be sent to: Mt. Pleasant Bible Church, 1530 Emerson Rd., Goodells, MI 48027
  • Regular support to the building fund if you are an attender of MPBC.

A sketch of the initial floor plan for the Phase 1 addition.