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Session 1:  "The Sine-qua-non of Koinonia"  -- Joel Tetreau
What constitutes Biblical fellowship?  What is the basis of unity and fellowship?   Does this imply anything about separation?   Beyond all our movements, what is our Lord’s true vision for our fellowship?

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Of course, many, many have expressed their wish that they could be with us, and plan to listen to the MP3's.  But we are especially thankful for those who came to be part of the discussion.
Tom Pryde opened the 2nd session by leading us in worship, and sang one of his "Sermons in Song".
Session 2: "Koinonia and History"  -- Bob Snyder
What does Church History tell us about this juncture in our history?   With so many sub-sets within Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism, can we predict where we are headed?   What cautions or advice can be garnered from the triumphs and errors of the past?
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Session 3:  "The matter of form and Koinonia"  - Tom Pryde
Some have declared that the form of worship and communication for Christ does not matter; only the substance is important.    Others have so delineated proper and improper forms that no room is left for diversity or distinctions in cultures.    What does the Bible teach about form?   Why does it matter?   What is the Biblical theology of “form”?   By what means can we determine what forms of worship and communication fit the gospel?

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Session 4: "Koinonia and the Emerging Middle"   -- Bob Bixby
It is clear that a convergence between one wing of Fundamentalism and Conservative Evangelicalism is occurring.   What are its implications?   Is there a Biblical basis for unity between these two perspectives?   What benefits would arise from it?   What traps must be avoided?

Link to Sermon Audio MP3 is here.

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Session 5:   (Sunday School at SEVBC) - "Koinonia and Rome?"  -- Tony Bartolucci
Some within Evangelicalism have shown some softness toward Roman Catholicism, uniting with them for social causes and sometimes even for some level of evangelistic effort.    Can a gospel-based unity support such endeavors?   What are the dangers?

Link to Sermon Audio MP3 here.

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Session 6:   “Protecting Koinonia from Worldliness”  -- Roger Willis
How is worldliness defined in Scripture?   How can worldliness be avoided?   How does a Biblical perspective of worldliness differ from our traditional understanding of it?

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Note:  Roger's presentation was not a formal statement on the nature of Worldliness.   For a short statement on that, click here.

Session 7:  "How can Calvinists and not-so-Calvinists have Koinonia?  -- Mike Durning
Young Fundamentalists, in fleeing toward Conservative Evangelicalism, have been embracing Calvinist perspectives in record numbers.    Within both Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism, Calvinist and non-Calvinists stand uneasy with one another.   Is there hope for Calvinists and non-Calvinists to work and worship together?

Link to Sermon Audio MP3 is here.

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