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Doctrinal Statement/Comment Policy

To join the discussion, you must believe the following ten doctrines, which we believe are the non-negotiable core of Christianity:



1.) Jesus was both fully God and fully man, entirely perfect and sinless.
2.) Every person is born in sin, is by nature an enemy of God, and is condemned to suffer the wrath of God in Hell.
3.) Jesus offered Himself as the only substitute for our sin.
4.) Every person can only be reconciled to God through faith in Christ and His work alone; there is no other means of salvation.
5.) Jesus was raised from the dead bodily on the third day and promised to return again in the future.
6.) Every person who follows Jesus, by faith, will be resurrected in the last days when all things are completely reconciled to God.
7.) Jesus provided salvation as an act of grace alone, without any pre-requirement of human effort, of any kind.
8.) Every person was created to live for, and to find his highest satisfaction in, the glory God.
9.) Jesus provided His Word so that we can faithfully follow Him.
10.) Every person who desires to believe and follow Christ must accept the Bible as the supreme authority for all Christian faith and practice.

On the basis of the above principles, all community participation will be held to the following standard of conduct:

1.) To promote Christ rather than self (We value humility, which is selflessness).
2.) To edify one another (We value love, which is acting for the other's best good).
3.) To reflect submission to the Word of God (We value Scripture, which should be reflected in every discussion).
4.) To magnify the glory of God and bring praise to Him (We value all that reflects and highlights the character and attributes of God).

In addition, we understand that there is potential among genuine believers to find disagreement regarding significant doctrines. This is one reason that open, loving, and honest discussion, which is informed by the Word of God, is to be encouraged among believers. However, there are some particulars that are so significant or divisive that special care must be exercised in how these are addressed. In this regard, there is an area regarding which we have chosen to adopt an official policy. While we don't expect complete agreement, we do expect that the official position of the community will be respected by those who disagree.

The policy:  We do not believe that truth is relative or that every opinion is equally valid - God's Word trumps all human reason

While we do have a few moderators, if every person moderates themselves and one another, there will be little need for official intervention. In the matter of addressing conflict, we follow the principles set forth by Jesus in Matthew 18 (though we have adapted the principles to serve an online forum). Here is the process we expect to be used in dealing with conflict. It should be followed by all community participants (including moderators):

1.) Deal with your own sin first - you have no moral basis to confront others until you have first sought forgiveness for your own fault in the conflict.
2.) Deal with the situation privately - there is no need to make a public spectacle of hurt and wrongs (whether real or perceived).
3.) Deal with the situation with assistance - if private confrontation is ineffective, then request a moderator to assist in dealing with the conflict.
4.) Deal with the situation publicly - if private and assisted confrontation are unresolved then action will be taken by the moderators and the situation will be addressed publicly.

Along the way, the measure by which conflict is addressed will be grounded in the principles set forth in this document. Disciplinary action may be taken if, in the understanding of the moderators, these principles have clearly not been followed and if repentance is not forthcoming. Potential actions can include (but are not limited to) removal from the "Verified Member" group, temporary removal from all participation, or a permanent ban from the site (in extreme cases).   Several Christian websites have this policy, and in years of operation have experienced little need to pursue any such extreme measures.


To join, simply create a user name and password.     Your creation of that account means you agree to these terms.     Demonstrating that you do not agree will force us to later delete you.     For your user name, please use your real name or some clear variant of it.   If you desire anonymity for some reason, please email us and let's talk about it.

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